“Hold Your Fire” – 2008 – 9 Mins.
A ghostly soldier comes face to face with the grim reality of his war-torn existence on the battlefield and beyond. Winner of “Best Short Film” at Fantasia Fest 2009.

Cattle Decapitation Presents: “The Unerasable Past” A Short Film by Wes Benscoter – 2019 – 11 Mins.
“Shot during summer and fall 2019, this elaborate music video showcases the striking universe of Wes Benscoter’s art in conjunction with the concepts brought into play by Cattle Decapitation in stunning 4K glory.” – Metal Blade Records

“The Nihilist” – 2022
10 mins.

A black-clad puppeteer discovers the limits of his control when confronted by the rotted face of his own mortality.

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